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Relevantly reach the Hip-Hop culture for Christ 
Do anything but sin to reach the culture for Jesus 

Create an environment in the midst of the Hip-Hop culture that will transform individuals, families and communities
Environment includes the physical church location(s) and off-site location(s); the physical location is more than a
building: it is an environment of change
• Unity –– A commitment to oneness through belief and fellowship 
• Diversity –– Welcoming and encouraging diversity 
• Appreciation –– Showing gratitude for anyone we come in contact with  
• Compassion –– Serving people in our community
• Holiness –– Loving God with our heart and our lives
Evangelism - Bring 'Em in
  • We believe that Evangelism is best demonstrated through the lives of individuals who have experienced the transformational power of Jesus   
  •  Living a life that displays the living Gospel (preach the Gospel always... sometimes run your mouth)  
  • Outreach flowing from individuals in the body compelled to reach the lost for Jesus
  • Serve our community and local congregation by ministering to mind, body and spirit
Discipleship - Sit 'Em Down
  • We believe that Discipleship is an “as you go" type of experience that flows out of relationship   
  • Living in an organic community that is focused around serving, fellowship, the Word, corporate worship, giving and accountability (not being co-dependent on community but rather being only dependent on God)
  • Finding a mentor/coach and meeting regularly (bi-weekly or monthly) 
  • Engaging in an accountability group

Growth - Raise 'Em Up
  • We believe that every believer must become a self-feeder who will seek God's Word for solutions (not becoming co-dependent on the community)    
  • Learning how to dive into the Word through S.O.A.P.
  • Engage in Cypher groups (learning from one another) 
  • Engage in a Growth Group (a group of peers who get together to learn together)
  • Attend Sessions with Bible and pen ready to learn and engage in fellowship after the music stops
Empowerment - Send 'Em Out
  • We believe that the local church is a great resource for helping individuals discern what God is calling them to do 
  • Consistently teach, challenge and encourage people to live out a life of Calling, Opportunities and Purpose (COP)
  • Provide serving and employment opportunities to flush out COPs